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US department of labour grant to help garment workers in El Salvador

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US department of labour grant to help garment workers in El Salvador

The US department of labour recently announced an award of a $5-million cooperative agreement to the American Centre for International Labour Solidarity to improve workers’ rights in agricultural supply chains in Honduras and Guatemala, and the garment sector in El Salvador. The initiative will be administered by the department’s bureau of international labour affairs.

In Guatemala and Honduras, the project will target workers in the palm, banana and melon sectors.

The project will prioritise underserved communities and include a focus on gender and racial equity to address the systemic violation of internationally recognised workers’ rights in the agricultural and garment sectors, an official release said.

The American Centre for International Labour Solidarity will work with existing workers’ organisations in Central America to help them represent and advocate effectively for agricultural and garment workers.

The project will educate workers at the grassroots level and help them exercise their rights, build organisational capacity and help ensure worker-led participation in negotiations and dialogue.

The agreement is part of a more than $20 million commitment to promote respect for and compliance with labour rights in the region, and a component of the US administration’s Root Causes of Migration Strategy.

The project aims at raising collective action for workers to exercise their rights; helping worker organisations train, represent and advocate for agricultural and garment workers to garner better wages, working conditions and job security; and improving engagement between workers and government officials as well as the private sector to negotiate, address and resolve workers’ rights concerns.

The project also includes legal support, advocacy campaign planning and dialogue exchanges between local workers’ organisations.


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