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Sportswear travel, handsome and provocative

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Sportswear travel, handsome and provocative

Main functions of sports equipment:

(1) Body modification

A set of excellent sportswear should have the two characteristics of body modification and comfort. It can tighten the fat and exercise at will without discomfort due to too tight.

(2) Protective support

When it comes to protection and support, we should emphasize the importance of sports underwear! The suspensory ligament in the breast is the only supporting tissue of the chest. Strenuous exercise will lengthen and tighten the suspensory ligament, which will cause damage over time. The sagging and relaxation caused by suspensory ligament injury is very difficult to recover! Therefore, girls must wear professional sports bra to protect our delicate breasts during fitness! Of course, the well-designed sports pants also have various protective functions. For example, the high waist design can prevent girls from getting cold and going naked during sports!

(3) Perspiration skin care

Good elasticity and good sweat absorption effect are also the essential elements of an excellent sportswear. If you can use high-tech fabrics, it will be more perfect! Not only more comfortable and breathable, but also reduce external friction during exercise, protect skin, and don't worry about sensitive skin~

(4) Improve performance

Beautiful sportswear can double our confidence and full of positive energy! Naturally, it can improve our expressiveness in sports~


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