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Germany offers financial support to garment workers in Laos

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Germany offers financial support to garment workers in Laos

Nearly 21,000 Lao garment workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic have received emergency financial support of over $1.85 million by the German government through the International Labour Organisation (ILO). Each worker received around $85. An event to conclude the garment workers’ income support programme in response to the pandemic was recently organised.

Speaking at the event, Keo Chanthavoxay, director general of the Lao Social Security Organisation (SSO), said 20,698 employees at 47 garment factories had received financial support.

The money was provided in a single aid package and was disbursed from March to October this year.

The project was supported by the German ministry for economic cooperation and development with technical support from ILO, according to a domestic media report from Laos.

The money has been provided to both qualified and under-qualified garment workers who are not members of the Social Security Organisation or who have paid a monthly premium over a period of less than 12 months.

The garment sector in the country employs about 26,000 workers.


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